Healthy Eating - What We Need To Know

What we choose to eat can have a direct affect on our ability to enjoy life to its fullest.

A healthy diet includes all foods. Variety is important because no one food can provide all the nutrients the body needs for optimal health. Try new foods to tantalize your taste buds and vary your nutrient intake.

Foods containing important nutrients can help us prevent disease and even restore our health. Striking a balance between foods that promote health and those that may be risky is important for long term well being. Choose foods that are better for your health more often.

Without a doubt, fats and cholesterol are the single most important group of nutrients to limit in your diet if you want to reduce your risk of chronic disease. Heart disease and cancer, two of this nation's leading killers, are linked to diets high in fat. Other chronic health problems may be exacerbated by high fat diets. Saturated fat, that is, fat that is solid at room temperature, appears to carry the greatest amount of risk.

Foods and beverages that are less nutritious do not have to be eliminated but they should be consumed in moderation - saved for special occasions. Making healthy food choices can be the difference between health and disease.

Our food choices play a major role in:

  • promoting and maintaining good health;
  • promoting growth in infants, children and adolescents;
  • preventing some chronic diseases (like heart disease and diabetes) and treating others; and,
  • speeding recovery from injuries and surgery.
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